October 09, 2007


From the Olympian:

Attorneys attack State Patrol lab at hearing - 40 DUI cases could be dismissed by Skagit County court

In a case that could set a precedent for challenges to blood alcohol test results, analysts for the Washington State Patrol's toxicology laboratory were subjected to a barrage of questions from attorneys Monday at a hearing in Mt. Vernon.

"I don't think there was anybody in the courtroom today who couldn't see the problem for what it was. It's borderline negligence," attorney Ted Vosk said. Monday's preliminary hearing in Skagit County District Court was on motions to dismiss as many as 40 criminal drunken driving cases in Skagit County, based on the disputed reliability of the lab's evidence. Statewide, the problems have already led to 36 licenses being returned to people accused of drunken driving...