November 23, 2007

NV: "it's like triage"

From Las Vegas City Life:

Reasonable doubt - The state Supreme Court is working to fix Clark County's public defender system. But some doubt the changes will ever make it to the courtroom

"The reputation of the office has changed significantly," said Thom Reilly, county manager from 2001 to 2006. "The reputation five or six years ago was that attorneys got into the office around 11 o'clock and left at 2. That's not the case anymore. They are seen as very hardworking. They also take on controversial issues and are very vocal. Having said that, I still don't think that substitutes for staffing issues. Caseloads speak for themselves."

With the Clark County public defender system, there's always a catch. For every step forward, it takes one back. In 2006, the public defender's office had 14,362 new felony cases. This year it's projected to have 18,600 (with only one new attorney). Attorneys are handling more than 400 cases a year, said (Clark County Public Defender Phil) Kohn...

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Anonymous Law Student said...

I'm looking at PD jobs right now, but the idea of taking on 400 cases a year just makes me cringe.