January 19, 2005

"How many of you want to be on jury duty every day until you die?"

Good old Grant Loebs. The elected prosecutor back home met with the local chapter of Court Watch, a group "(f)rustrated at what they perceive to be inadequate criminal sentences and a high number of plea negotiations."

The group would like to see more cases go to trial instead of being plea-bargained. "They could up their percentage," one said.

"How many of you want to be on jury duty every day until you die?" Grant replied. "You can't have 700 weeks of trials in Twin Falls, Idaho."

"Twin Falls County has only two district judges, two courtrooms, five prosecutors, four public defenders and about 700 felony cases to deal with each year. Trial time averages about one week. When the police officer involved in the case has to testify, he or she has to be in court, sometimes waiting to be called upon, which leaves less protection on the streets, Loebs said. He added that Twin Falls County is no different from anywhere else, with about 95 percent of cases being plead."

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Karl said...

Court Watch can be a good thing. Far too often it is composed of self righteous individuals who have limited life experience. Incarceration, short or long is a miserable and fearful experience.