May 25, 2006

Enough with the violence against court-appointed lawyers

On the same day - the 24th of May - a continent away from Thurston County, WA:

Boston Lawyer Attacked By Client In Court

From one blog:

Man Strangles Lawyer Defending Him For Murder

It’s one of those "who do you root for?" kind of stories.

Yeah, it's a real thigh-slapper, it is. Real funny.

From the site's comments:

At the risk of being seen as pro-lawyer (my son is one, and even he thinks most of them are parasitic scum), it seems this guy was actually trying to avoid representing this particular psychopath– an accused killer whose case he had unsuccessfully sought to drop. “I had moved to withdraw last week and that was denied.”

And from LiveJournal:

And in the "it is tough to be a defense attorney" corner of cyberspace:



Hard day on the planet...