July 09, 2008

WA & ID: p.d. motörhead

Why not take a spin with this fast-moving member of the Spokane County P.D.'s Office? From Paralegal Gateway's Weblog:

Paralegal by Day - Motor Head by Night

By day, he's a paralegal with the Spokane County Public Defender's office. By night, his idea of fun is going fast and turning left. Yep, motor head. "It's what I do," said Post Falls driver Allen Tuckness...

Perhaps he would be willing to implement my sure-fire scheme to cut down the caseload - the Public Defender Car Repair Clinic. Think how many traffic stops (pretext or otherwise) and "consent" searches we could spare our clients if we could get to all those cracked windshields, broken tail lights, and wire-fastened license plates before the cops did.

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Anonymous said...

I have thought about applying for a grant to buy 10,000 bicycle lights which would save hundreds of kids from getting stopped (if they would remember to turn the damn lights on)