November 24, 2008

FL: perils of politicians as public defenders

Out of Jax, Fla, political follies and fallout at the courthouse, and fun lawyer quotes too, courtesy of Channel 12 and Channel 4:

Public Defenders Featured In Oscar-Winning Documentary Fired

"I believe Mr. Shirk and his cronies, if they work to their maximum potential and use all of their talents, may achieve mediocrity," McGuiness told First Coast News.

New Public Defender Fires 10 Lawyers

"Well, Mr. Shirk had not yet reached pre-K when many of these attorneys were trying cases already. I think he is uneasy around those with skill and experience," said McGuiness.

The documentary is "Murder On A Sunday Morning." The lawyer quoted is Patrick McGuinness. The newly-elected lawyer is Matt Shirk (suitable last name, that).

Update from the Florida Times-Union: Public defender-elect fires 10 seasoned attorneys


Melissa said...

Yeah. that sucks but even though our public defender is appointed, he still fired a buttload of people when he took office.

political animal said...

Pat McGuinness already had plans to leave the office and open up a firm with "Murder on a Sunday Morning" co-counsel, Ann Finnell. McGuinness is unhappy that Matt Shirk ran let alone win. He chose to leave the office. He wasn't fired.