January 11, 2009

ID: Canyon jail due for a cleaning

The ACLU is suing Canyon County over jail conditions, from the Idaho Press Tribune:

ACLU files suit against Canyon County jail

Officials expected jail lawsuit

County plans response to lawsuit

See Caldwell Guardian for more.


Anonymous said...

I worked in this jail and it was never let go to this degree of operational, cleanliness and maintenance neglect.

The Sheriff, County Commissioners and Jail Administrative staff need to be hauled in and held accountable.

Jail and prison overpopulation is a endemic issue all over the nation. Neglect, mold, filth and poor maintenance are poor reasons to justify building yet another county asset that will fall into disrepair.

Clean it up via inmate labor. Most of these people are more than willing to do this if given the proper equipment and supplies to accomplish the task.

Anonymous said...

the sheriff and the commissioners tried to use the ACLU to justify building a new jail. the move blew up in their collective faces when the filings by the ACLU boiled down to a cleaning and painting list along with some maintenance issues.

inmates in jails have a right to a clean, secure enviroment. jails are places to hold human beings and the conditions in and of themselves should not be societal retribution in the way they are manaaged and kept clean. they have plenty of inmates to clean and paint so now they need to get after the issues.