March 19, 2009

ID: Judge Burdick, how could you?

From Tara Rowe of The Political Game:

Still don't think Zeb Bell's voice is an influence outside of his direct broadcast range in the Magic Valley? Zeb's guest this morning, a regular guest Senator Denton Darrington (R-Declo) brought on a guest of his own: Justice Roger S. Burdick. Yep, a justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. All of this after the bigoted comments of Rep. John A. "Bert" Stevenson (R-Rupert). Amazing.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed for a judge I liked.

(Your Honor, it wouldn't have been hard to google Zeb Bell in advance to see why you wouldn't want to appear on this hateful man's show - the Mountain Goat could've told you all you needed to know. At least I'm hoping you didn't know; the alternative doesn't jibe with my respect for you.)


Cheri said...

I seriously doubt Burdick didn't know who Zeb Bell was before going on his show. Burdick spend a lot of time in the Magic Valley, and Zeb is a hard name not to know around here. Unfortunately for us, Zeb's opinion seems to reflect the majority of Idahoans - the legislative branch included.

Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks for mentioning this!