April 21, 2009

ID: another proud to be from Idaho moment

From the Idaho State Journal:

Inmate duct taped

The first hint that Nicklas Frasure's hearing was going to be unusual came at the outset when the man attempted to fire his court-appointed counsel. It eventually culminated with the man's mouth bound with duct tape in an attempt to quell his frequent and irrational outbursts...

The attempt to fire the p.d.? Not unusual. The duct tape? Unusual. Cruel and unusual? Who am I to judge? It's Idaho. (regards to court - appointed counsel, a law school classmate of mine)

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

poor Nick - he's gotten worse over the years. yet another casualty of Idaho's insufficient dedication to mental health treatment. from a mentally troubled teen to a young adult with significant mental health issues, he's always been erratic, but this is a brand new development.

now he'll get "treatment" in a prison setting, what a joy for him. i have absolutely no hope for his recovery under those conditions.

i must sympathize with Mr. Reynolds, Nick was always a challenge to represent.