June 02, 2006

ID: and I swear that I don't have a gun

It would seem that former Idaho Falls city attorney and newly-minted felon Kimball Mason was less than forthcoming about all the firearms he stole and lies he told:

From eastern Idaho - based Thoughts on Justice, Problems Ahead For Convicted Former Prosecutor?

Today police officers... executed a search warrant on the home of former City prosecutor Kimball Mason... Mason had previously indicated to investigators that law enforcement had recovered all the property that he had taken... The Idaho Falls Chief of Police stated that officers had recovered several firearms pursuant to the search warrant. Some of the guns that were recovered were among those Mason indicated were no longer in his possession...

Not the sort of thing you'd want discovered by, say, a judge who'll decide whether you serve half a year or one to five. The blogger / prosecutor at Thoughts on Justice explains how Idaho's system of retained jurisdiction or "riders" works, and shares just how he feels about other prosecutors who go dirty:

(I)t shows that even after he was found out, Mason remained arrogant, unrepentant, greedy, etc., etc., etc. He's still pompous enough to think he can outsmart everyone and complete his caper. He's essentially taking a piss on Lady Justice's sandals...

Pungent image, that. It takes a lot of provocation for someone from the Upper Snake River Plain to rise to such language. Kimball Mason's sins are just that provocative.

Update: an eyewitness view of Kimball Mason's sentencing hearing, from IdahoFallz.com.