May 07, 2008

TX: bless you, Temple Mims

Debate in the Tyler Morning Telegraph:

Wingnut wishes physical harm on family of criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal defense lawyer's 14-year-old daughter responds.

Winner: 14-year-old.

Update: thanks to Scott, Grits for Breakfast guru and Tyler townie, this item made it all the way to Fark!

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

Tyler's actually my hometown, Skelly, so I gave the story some blog love on Grits. My favorite "wingnut" comment from the letter:

"You didn't see Perry Mason or Matlock take on a case of they knew the perp was guilty."

And my blog riposte: Yeah, and John Wayne never got off his horse to take a pee. ;)

I was braggin' on you recently, Skelly, trying to convince a retired judge that he needs to start his own blog. He's close to your age, knew all about your record in N'awlins, but hadn't heard tell of you since you left the South. He was really impressed to learn that you're the acknowledged Dean and eminence gris of public defender bloggers. Cheers!