September 30, 2008

CA: police encounter etiquette for kids

From the San Jose Mercury News:

New guide offers advice to teens on criminal behavior, cops

Hoping it will find a place along with "Animal Farm" and "Julius Caesar" in high school kids' backpacks, the San Jose Independent Police Auditor is coming out with an updated edition of the "Students' Guide to Police Practices." (pdf file)

IPA Director Barbara Attard and Police Chief Rob Davis hope the free 36-page pamphlet will help teens learn about how to make the right choices about criminal behavior — whether as a victim or as a potential perpetrator — and how to deal with cops...


Anonymous said...

It's good to teach kids values, so they don't end up with background checks that they'll regret later on.

Anonymous said...

thanks, although I read the Merc, I missed this one.

San Jose is working hard to reduce gang involvement, starting with the very youngest kids.

California has also (relatively) recently introduced a phased drivers' license program -- leading to a lot of dodgy behavior by the 16 year old set.

I've briefly scanned the pamphlet. At first glance, it looks good for kids from all SES levels.

Despite anon's snarky comments, even kids with "good values" act like what they are -- kids -- and make bad choices. Some of the information in the pamphlet could lead a "good kid" to make better choices.