July 27, 2004


Brody has taken his place in the firm: a good lawyer and sardonic as hell, who 1) came to Idaho with the rest of the Colorado Mafia hired by my predecessor (Larry David of TV's "Curb Your Enthusiasm"), 2) went over to the other side and was savaged by same predecessor in pleadings attempting to have him barred from prosecuting anywhere within a twenty-mile radius (motions apparently read, "Brody, hereinafter referred to as "The Traitor"...), 3) rose to be our elected prosecutor's right-hand man, 4) left for private practice and won a huge trial establishing the right of local doctors to discharge firearms in defense against collection of their poolhall debts, then 5) decided billing is less fun than litigating, so now 6) I've got him. Triple-cross? Nah, just hiring the best talent.

I'm covering Juvy today until the rest of the cavalry arrives: Susan gets back from the bar exam, and then we're joined next Monday by two new hires, by way of UMinnesota and BYU / J. Reuben Clark. Juvy is fun, because they don't let the Bill of Rights get in the way of treating these poor delinquents. Out there, it's "But how can we help you if we don't convict you first?"

Here's a recent Idaho Supreme Court opinion about "Disrupting the Educational Process," won by my classmate Bill Harrigfeld, Mike Stoy with him on the brief: "The list of applications (of the statute), if the State’s view is accepted, goes on to unending lengths of often ridiculous, sometimes humorous, speculative examples, e.g. criminalization of flatulence in class."