July 22, 2004

This is what starts it

So I'm sitting in front of the telescreen at my small government-funded law office nestled in the heart of the Rockies, when I get two e-mails from two of the recently departed.

One, who we'll call Dennis Kucinich (although his real name is James Traficant), all heart, writes to detail the latest from the Three-C's Highway, and to ask how things are at Juvy and has the prosecutor sent away any more minor kids for having sex with other minor kids? (answers: in flux, and yes)

The other, who we'll call Kim Possible, excellent street-fighting trial lawyer, real natural,writes that she's bailed out of her BigLaw firm in the capital city after three whole weeks, and has gone back to the P.D. side, albeit in the same big city and for bigger bucks than my shop pays. So, naturally, I'm thrilled. While we're always kind of happy and envious here on the yard when one of the inmates makes it over the fence, it is genuinely heart-warming when one straggles back.

Which doesn't lead me to look up blogs listed in my home state, but stumbles me nonetheless on a blogger who tells the story of Kim's departure from inside the same BigLaw firm! Kismet! Of course, I know the guy: I hired him once myself. Goes by Jay Treaty now, though I knew him as Trainspotting Guy then. And reading his blog gives me one more ocassion to say both, "what a brilliant geek!" and "poor bastard!"
Have a look: http://jaytreaty.blogspot.com/
As my kid would say, it's a circle of life all right. Most peculiar, mama.