November 03, 2004

"Don't waste any time mourning - organize!"

Can I say I'm going to stand and fight when I'm moving from a Red state to a Blue state? Public defenders in particular tend to know a few things about losing a round or two and coming back to fight another day, but I am looking forward come January to living in a state that went for the Democrat:

My current home county voted Bush 71.70%, Kerry 23.54%.
My new home county went Bush 42.63%, Kerry 55.67%.

I'm discouraged, but I'm not despondent. Growing up as a Democrat in Idaho helps, I suppose, as does knowing that people I love - my evangelical sister-in-law, my Knights of Columbus brother, my co-workers and neighbors - voted for the other guy. This job helps, too. Whatever the next four years bring, it's comforting to know that I always have a band of brothers and sisters in the public defender and criminal defense bar - Republican or Democratic, it doesn't matter - who will stand guard for the accused and the Bill of Rights. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, but it's gonna be all right.


halfplan said...

I wish I could share your optimism. I'm from Idaho like you. Now I'm living in South Korea teaching English. My blog may be a little too careless for you, but nevertheless. I have never felt more bitter and depressed as a result of a presedetial election as I do now. Terrorism and the economy are not the real problems facing the globe. The Enviroment, and, economic equality is what I see as being the most problematic. I laud you for being a fighter, but it seems to me that, perhaps, the U.S. is hopeless.

Menagerie said...

It makes a difference! We live in Oregon, but I spent two months this summer on a judicial internship down in Reno, and was amazed at the complete difference in attitudes. (Fortunately two of the clerks in the office were Washington-educated and as liberal as I!)


Anonymous said...

There are many battles to fight, even in the so-called blue states. The rights of the accused are in greater jeopardy than at any time in the last 50 years. Your work in their behalf is vital.

Celia C. Elwell, RP said...

We shall overcome . . . .