July 06, 2006

TX: crim def lawyer / blogger among 5 pedestrians injured by DUI driver

From the Austin American-Statesman:

Young defense lawyer among those struck by suspected drunken driver

Jeff Wilson once wrote in his blog that his "strong realization that life is finite"... drives him to pack into life a lot of the things he loves... Late Wednesday, the 32-year-old music lover and up-and-coming Austin criminal defense lawyer was in critical condition in a coma... (H)e was among a crowd hit by a suspected drunken driver two days earlier outside the Backyard, a concert venue... Wilson was leaving a Black Crowes concert ... with his wife and some friends when a Mitsubishi Eclipse crashed into the crowd...

Link via Austinist: Austin Lawyer in Coma Following Accident at Black Crowes Concert

The 32 year-old lawyer was a rising star in the criminal defense field and Austin... Wilson is a huge lover of music and the outdoors and had recently been sharing his thoughts on life and the world through his blog.

The driver blew over a .14 BAC. Get well soon, and may justice be done.

Update: blogger Steanso has seen Jeff Wilson in the hospital. Keep a good thought.