August 15, 2007

CA: cool old hippie

From the Daily Democrat:

Yolo County's public defender: Yesterday and today

Yolo County Public Defender Barry Melton has been recognized in the publication, Northern California Super Lawyers, as being among the top five percent of northern California lawyers. This year the magazine featured Melton in a special section entitled "From the '60s to the Sixties" which highlighted Melton's social activism in the 1960s as the aquatic member of the band County Joe & The Fish, to today as he heads the Yolo County Public Defender's office...

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Sanchovilla said...

I interviewed with The Fish about 8 years ago. Really nice guy. Woodstock was not something I knew that much about at the time, but in the time since the interview, I've wished I asked for an autograph instead of the job.