April 01, 2008

AZ: chief p.d. killed by reckless driver

Horrible news from the Tucson Citizen:

Robert Hooker, county public defender, killed in car crash

Pima County Public Defender Robert Hooker died Tuesday evening after being hit head-on by a pickup truck involved in a race on a West Side road, a Tucson police spokesman said...

More from the Arizona Daily Star, KOLD, and KMSB.

Update: from Of Arms and the Law - "He was on his way home for his 33rd wedding anniversary..."

Update: More tributes, from John Wesley Hall, Jr., Sancho Villa, Daniel Patterson, and Blog for Arizona.


Anonymous said...

Now that Pima County Public Defender Robert Hooker has been officially sanctified by the local left wing press, it's time to take a deeper look at the man who killed him.

Alexander Rodriquez is a "gang banger" with a long time association with Isabel Garcia, MEChA, and left wing open border policy.

In 2006 he assisted his brother Arturo in committing a series of assaults against me while I demonstrated in front of the Mexican Consulate.

I have the transcripts of the trial in which both Rodriquez brothers testified to Arturo's long term association with MEChA.

Moreover; Alexander testified to his own involvement as instigator of violence in front of the Mexican Consulate.

In the transcript Alexander says to Arturo: "Hit him (Warden)! He's old. He can't do anything!"

Subsequent to the assault, Alexander and Arturo were celebrated by Isabel Garcia, who had a rally in support of the pair.

Additionally, Isabel Garcia "coached " both brothers while they testified at my trial. Witnesses have come forward and the Arizona Bar Association and the FBI are engaged in dual investigations.

Robert Hooker is well known as a left wing supporter of open border policy, going bact 31 years when he defended Margo Cowan for using federal funds to smuggle Mexican Illegal Aliens.

In the coming days and weeks, outide reporters will be reporting on a story no local reporter will dare to print.

It will be just like the Ken Peasley story. It will be Tthe Real Story of Robert Hooker and the Pendejo Thug Who Killed Him.

This story will reveal the intertwining of Pima County left wing open border politics and right wing economic exploitation, an out of control violent crime rate perpetuated by Mexican Illegals and racist groups which promulgate the violent overthrow of the US government, the interests of the legal community which thrives off the escalating crime rates while enriching itself at the expense of the American people...etc.

It will be a very ugly story.

Roy Warden


Skelly said...

"How low will the Reptilian Right sink in exploiting people's personal tragedies to promote their personal political agendas?"

This low.

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

Skelly said...

More from the Roy Warden School of Law.