April 28, 2008

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Help Me Howard is One Good Hippie

Howard Finkelstein, better known to most as the Howard in ‘Help Me Howard’, WSVN’s hugely popular newscast segment, is getting some well deserved praise. The South Florida Times has a very nice story about him and his many efforts to assure that everyone has access to a public defender, but especially the poor and homeless who can’t afford high-powered lawyers...

And in the ABA Journal:

Finkelstein stayed at the public defender’s office and was elected the agency’s chief in 2005. In that role, one of the first things he did was remove a daiquiri machine from the office. He also facilitated Alcoholics Anony­mous meetings at the facility and weekly yoga classes. “Our profession churns out addicts like no other profession,” Finkelstein says. “If I can give them things that will support them, I do...”

Oh, and he saves lives too.