May 08, 2008

WA: the activist's passive voice - "rocks were thrown"

(photo: Tony Overman/The Olympian)

Two updates on a participant in our latest local civil disturbance, from Eabha the Kiwi:

Danny (Vegas) Willson has been in Jail in Olympia Washington since May 1st and Needs Bail $$

As some of you already know Daniel Wilson (AKA Danny Vegas)... is currently in jail in Olympia, Washington. Danny along with five others were arrested on May 1st for there participation in a May Day celebration in which symbols of the state and Capital were attacked...

Danny Is Out

folks in olympia managed to find enough collateral, so we don't need bail anymore. however, they are still searching for cash for legal fees, etc... danny might be able to get a 'public defender', but there will still be major costs associated with the trial...

If he qualifies for the p.d., what major costs would those be? And what's with the quotation marks, 'comrades'?


Anonymous said...

Danny is a misguided thug. I hope they smash him in court.

I should go break the windows out of his apartment and see how he feels.

Emmett said...

The quote marks around PD seem to point to the difference between anarchists (the accused) and socialists (comrades). Its easy for us to see them as part of the same group, but that's just the "bourgeois democratic origins of the Left-Right spectrum" showing through I guess.

Anonymous said...

A better question would be what's with "AKA Danny"'s alias?
Or better yet, if he has so much support from his peers what's the hold up?