August 27, 2008

LBJ 100

Happy 100th birthday, Lyndon Baines Johnson.
(I'm probably the only lawyer in my office whose house has a framed portrait of the man, right next to the one of JFK, both inherited from my Great Society Democrat father-in-law. RIP, LBJ.)

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Anonymous said...


I was glad to see this post on the centennial of LBJ's birth, and the terrific links you provided. An interesting coincidence that the centennial comes on the same day that Barack Obama is nominated by the Democratic Party as its candidate for President, is it not? I have found LBJ to be one of the most interesting figures of the 20th century. As an individual, probably an impossible man, true; but if it were not for LBJ's work, I doubt that there would be an Obama nomination. I remember as a grade school kid watching the speech before Congress following Selma, when LBJ announced that he was sending to Congress the Voting Rights Act -- and raising his arms above his head and saying "We shall overcome!" Forty-three years later, I still get goosebumps thinking of it. Hopefully, some day we can appraise this man honestly and give him his due.