August 20, 2008

WA: sueño rebelde

Today an accused teenager stood before the court commissioner, wearing a t-shirt similar to this one:Some days I get such a rise out of living here in Lotus Land.

Bonus link: commodify your dissent at The Che Store!


Anonymous Law Student said...

Paying for a Che shirt never made any sense to me. I mean, the companies that make those shirts are the opposite of just about everything he stood for.

Anonymous said...

Best court attire I ever saw was the guy showing up for sentencing wearing a hat that read "Shit Happens." It did.

Skelly said...

Very worst I saw was back in Twin Falls: Casey had a sex offender client aged 65+, who came to the courthouse wearing a mesh ball cap reading ORGASM DONOR. Thank G_d you can't wear hats in the courtroom.