February 19, 2009

Coming soon: one stop shopping

Check this out: Sancho at Tales of a Public Defender Investigator is setting up a public defender wiki. Still in beta, but what a cool concept. Thanks, subcommandante.


Sanchovilla said...

It would be even cooler if I didn't keep screwing up the template to the damn thing! Uggh. I have had to restart this thing quite a few times.

ambimb said...

I agree -- great idea. I started something like this about two years ago here:

I originally wanted it to be something that all public defenders could access and build on, but then I got worried about putting all our ideas/arguments on a public forum for anyone (prosecution) to access. I also realized that state laws differ so dramatically that a nationwide public defender resource is difficult to create in a way that would be useful to very many people.

In the end, I built a wiki for myself focused only on MT law. *I* found it very useful, but I never got around to opening it up for the benefit/input of others. Maybe someday. Or maybe I won't need to. Go Sancho!