February 22, 2009

PA: judge - "I just don’t believe I have to spoon-feed people"

From the Scranton Times-Tribune:

Nearly half of Luzerne cases lacked representation

For years, Luzerne County Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. denied juvenile defendants their rights, imprisoned them over the recommendations of probation officers and took millions in kickbacks from the co-owner of two juvenile detention centers that earned nearly $30 million with his help...

Interviews and court documents portray Judge Ciavarella’s courtroom as a place where the outcome of cases was decided well before a hearing. Judge Ciavarella pressured court staff to recommend detention, even in cases where staffers believed detention wasn’t warranted, federal prosecutors allege...

Full rundown from Wilkes-Barre's CitizensVoice.com: Court Corruption Probe