June 21, 2005

All our trials, Lord

Here is an excellent post about TXpublicdefender's first murder trial, just completed.

What I wouldn't give for that much exhilaration post-trial. I lost another one today, and nothing so intense as a murder, but a Burg 2. I really thought we had a misdemeanor trespassing there. Unfortunately, it seems that the jury noticed that the bicyclist headlight, which had been around my client's neck when he came through the hole in the fence on the surveillance video, had migrated to his forehead by the time the cops found him amongst some opened boxes and scattered goods.

That, and the gloves he put on after clearing the fence. Facts beyond dispute.

The jury having finished their county-provided lunch and duly returned a verdict of guilty, I had the afternoon to get a couple of in-custody clients sentenced, and then a few hours to go over my next trial notebook and talk to my next client in jail before my next trial starts up tomorrow morning. It's a residential burg and four counts felon with a firearm, much more pen time exposure.

All this, and still time in my merry rounds today to attend a a six-month performance review held by my boss in my honor. It's been a bad day, please don't take a picture.

But honestly, nothing so bad as today for Indiana and her client. She has my sympathy and regards.