June 06, 2005

My game needs work

Did this trial the second time around today. The cop testified that my client admitted to him knowing that the items were stolen. My client testified that he never said that; he said that the cop wanted him to make a taped statement implicating the guy who sold him the items and to do a controlled buy from the guy. My client refused both, to the cop's displeasure.

(the order in limine was that 1. the cop could testify as to the seller's drug dealing, and that based on his training and experience (and whatever else might help get a conviction), drug dealers are known to trade in stolen merchandise, but that 2. the cop could not testify as to my client's involvement with drugs, if such there be.)

The pisser is, it's more than likely that my client was telling the truth. In my training and experience. I couldn't get the jury to go there with me. Verdict: - second place. I'm sensing that there must be a position opening up at Juvy, 'cause I'm feeling like I'm about to get sent down to the minors.