June 23, 2005

Watching country sausage being made

Let's go round about Ken's neck of the woods - Warrenton, VA, to be exact - to watch justice in action:

Mr. Ashwell pointed at the lawyers one by one.

He told public defender Amanda Shulz he would drop her client's drug charge.

"And you're just going to kick that other charge because it was a bad stop, right?" the public defender asked.

"It wasn't a bad stop," Mr. Ashwell fired back, adding that he planned to prosecute Ms. Shulz' client for assaulting a police officer. "He can't assault my officer."

"Are you bringing (the heroin charge) back on Term Day?"

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't," Mr. Ashwell winked.

Here's the article: Criminal matters - County prosecutors try cases and cut deals with defense attorneys

(which is also Virginia's entry in this month's "Most Pedestrian Headline" competition)