July 27, 2005

The golden hammer

Mark McGoldrick is a California public defender, and writer and performer of The Golden Hammer: Wounds, Booze, and Forgotten Misconduct:

Come along for a ride through East Bay courtrooms where the funk of the street is processed into... what? Justice? Where we haven't a clue how often we botch the job, or how badly.

The Bay Guardian says:

...McGoldrick wins over his audience with unpretentious charm and quiet intelligence. His latest monologue weaves together three stories revolving around questions of justice and child sexual abuse...

Memory remains fallible and vulnerable, and justice is equally elusive. No doubt it's sometimes a relief for an attorney and his audience to be allowed to walk away with only a productive set of reflections.

Through July 31 at the Marsh in San Francisco. If he brings his one-man show to Portland or Seattle, I'm going.