July 02, 2005

Imaginary attorneys

Magic is alive, and the public defenders are afoot!

The other day, the charmed GentleEleos wrote:

I, apparently, am not a real attorney.

So, I must be imaginary. Like a Unicorn. Or a Griffin.

It makes me feel quite fanciful and free, being imaginary. In your Big Book of Fantasy and Make-Believe Creatures, Public Defenders are on page 27, right there between the Hydra and the Siren, with a headline on the page reading Public Defender: The Imaginary Attorney.

Thankfully, for those of us who do not have The Big Book of Fantasy and Make-Believe Creatures, she has excerpted the entry here:

Public Defender comes from an archaic Latin phrase that, loosely translated, means "one who represents the rude and unwashed who cannot afford non-mythical counsel..."

A Public Defender has many notable powers:
1. the ability to absorb attacks of anger and rudeness... that would make a mere mortal cringe,
2. The ability to multitask at lightning speed...,
3. the ability to weather attacks from judges, prosecutors, and their own clients all at once. A true Public Defender is well-armored.
4. the ability to fight for the rights and lives of people they find, personally, unpleasant.
5. the ability to accomplish 5 impossible things before lunch.

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