July 21, 2005

John Adams, p.d. for the damned

In Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, the man accused of kidnapping Shasta Groene and murdering her family has at least one other human being standing beside him:

In the face of intense media coverage as well as vocal and often vitriolic suggestions as to how his client ought to be treated, Kootenai County Public Defender John Adams would not say if he thinks his client can get a fair trial here.

"I believe this city is a sophisticated city, and I believe the people... for the most part believe in the rule of law," he said, "and that justice is meted out in the courtrooms and not in our streets."

Adams would not say if he would seek to move the trial out of the area...

...Steve Groene, the father of Shasta and Dylan, said while he would wish to see Duncan die if he's convicted of the crimes, he would agree to the man making a plea deal which would result in life in prison if it meant Shasta would be spared from having to testify.

"Nobody wants to see Shasta traumatized in any fashion," Adams said after being told of Groene's feelings. "I applaud Mr. Groene's courage standing up for his family."