February 02, 2007

AS: "they drove around a while, then returned to their assigned cell"

With news of a daring escape from the Sing Sing of Pago Pago, here's Weaver at "My Year in American Samoa":

Prison Break

(A) TCF officer reported seeing a large hole in the wall of one of the cells. The hole was created by the two inmates (Sione Muliaga and Suisape Tavete)...

Muliaga said there, they met Muliaga's father, who drove them around for a while before dropping them off at Lions Park, from where they returned to their assigned cell in reverse order of their path of escape...

Weaver comments:

I am not sure why they would need to make a hole, because most of the time the front gate is unlocked.


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Sachin said...

I used to be a public defender in American Samoa. I can confirm - the gates of Tafuna Correctional Facility are indeed open. There was the case in the 80's of an inmate serving time for rape, who walked out and raped a neighboring woman.