February 08, 2007

ID: "he had hurt before, but not like this"

From the Times-News:

Standoff ends in suicide - Twin Falls man kills self after 11 hours

An 11-hour standoff ended around 7 p.m. Wednesday when Joshua Barnes, 18, of Twin Falls killed himself... "Joshua Barnes took his own life before he could be taken into custody," Twin Falls Police Capt. Brian Pike said...

Police said Barnes, who was charged with aggravated battery, had barricaded himself... He was accused of stabbing his girlfriend, Whitney Lynn Richardson, 18, Tuesday night...

Barnes was sentenced Jan. 9 to probation after pleading guilty to stabbing his mother with a kitchen knife in August, when he was 17... After his sentencing, Twin Falls County Juvenile Prosecutor Julie Sturgill said Barnes had a long history of alcoholism and violence.

"He had hurt (his mother) before," Sturgill said. "But not like this..." When Barnes pleaded guilty to stabbing his mother he was sentenced as a juvenile to probation. But on Wednesday, deputy prosecuting attorney Rosemary Emory charged him as an adult...

This doesn't require editorializing, suffice to say he could have been one of my young clients.