May 01, 2007

ID: law enforcement on the spot

From the Twin Falls Times-News:

Canoeists who pulled suicide victim to shore ticketed - Man says deputy could have used some discretion in issuing citations for having no life jackets

Dennis Bohrn paddled hard across the Snake River to get a suicide victim's body to land. When he and three others paddling canoes Sunday morning dragged the woman's body, they were stunned and crying - had she jumped? Had she been pushed? Had she slipped? And they were even more stunned when at the shore a deputy cited them twice for not carrying life vests in either canoe...

Update: Professor Childress at Legal Profession Blog takes this and runs with it - Why Prosecutorial Discretion Still Matters in a Democracy.

(He also draws a parallel between Sheriff Wayne Tousley (left) and the Wallace Shawn character in The Princess Bride (right))

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