May 03, 2007

ID: Loebs won't prosecute Good Samaritan canoeists

Good news of common sense prevailing, from the Times-News:

Canoeists won't get ticket

Two canoeists who were given $85 tickets for not carrying life jackets as they recovered a suicide victim's body Sunday from the Snake River have had their citations dismissed. The Twin Falls County prosecutor declined to file cases Wednesday against Dennis Bohrn and Michael Futrell, both of whom were cited for failing to carry a personal flotation device...

Following the prosecutor's decision, Magistrate Roger Harris dismissed the two cases without prejudice. "(Brown) has dragged a lot of people without life vests out of the river," said Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs. "His citation was a legal citation. With regard to when he gave it, these people were trying to help out, and, given what they were trying to do and given the situation they were in, I think they get the picture and that justice is served by giving them a warning in this case."

Grant and Roger were my friends in Twin, and are uncommonly decent men.

Meanwhile, the City of Twin Falls would like to say, "hey, don't blame us!":

One of the finest attributes of Southern Idaho is the caring nature of the people who live here. Generally speaking, they are friendly, outgoing and ready to assist a neighbor in need. Please do not take the actions of the deputy in question as a reflection of the way the rest of the community may think or act. We would like to make a distinction between the agencies that provide services to our community. The deputy that issued the citation to the canoeists does not work for the City but rather the County of Twin Falls."

Update: Editorial - County citations a harsh reward for heroic actions