October 16, 2007

CA: someone else's pants

Alert reader Erik sent me this link from the LA Times:

'What gun? Oh, this gun? Uh, it came with the pants'

Not everyone is born with the talent to make up plausible alibis on a moment's notice. Take the gang member walking down an L.A. street with a handgun visible in his waistband. Before he donned a pair of handcuffs, he told officers John Banuelos and Manny Sierra that "the pants he was wearing were actually not his and he hadn't noticed that it [the gun] was in there..."

(I'm sure the writer meant to say alleged gang member.)

Thanks for remembering my favorite defense, Erik! In the words of the great Benton Larson, "I know what's in my pants."


public defender said...

Has the "those aren't my pants!" defense ever worked?

Anonymous said...

Yes it has worked.