December 21, 2007

ID and WA: weird frontpage coincidence busts a suspect

From the Spokesman-Review:

Front-page photos help capture thief

The blue and black checkered jacket and dark-colored hooded sweatshirt were dead giveaways to Tribune readers and police. Michael Millhouse... said he liked the photograph of himself on the front page of Thursday’s Tribune, painting some Christmas greetings...

It was the second image on the page, about an inch below, the 43-year-old Millhouse, of Clarkston, didn’t find so flattering. That one, taken from a video surveillance camera at the Clarkston Zip Trip... ran alongside a story about the apparent theft of a woman’s wallet at the store by a man whom police hadn’t identified... Video screens from multiple angles showed Millhouse snatch the wallet and leave the store with it.

The two pictures, running one on top of the other, led to Millhouse’s arrest Thursday and the recovery of (the) wallet...

Click on the image for a nice big PDF view of the front page from the Lewiston Morning Tribune. It's always a proud moment when the home state makes Boing Boing.