December 07, 2007

ID: a bit of infamy in our history

When I lived in the Magic Valley, I got to go out to the site of the Minidoka internment camp. Unlike its residents back in World War II, I got to leave when I chose. The artist Roger Shimomura was held there. His exhibition, "Minidoka on My Mind," is at the Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle until December 22:

In a group of 30 paintings, Roger Shimomura's exhibition, "Minidoka on My Mind," will explore the artist's family's internment during World War II... The show's title refers to Camp Minidoka in Hunt, Idaho where he and his family were detained from the spring of 1942 until the summer of 1944... He says that these "images are scraped from the linings of my mind — not necessarily what I remembered specifically, but what I respond with when I think of Camp Minidoka..."

Via the Is That Legal? post, "Keep on Talkin', Michelle Malkin":

Artist Roger Shimomura takes on Michelle Malkin.
Advantage: Shimomura.