December 20, 2007

WA: "like a bad Thanksgiving dinner with a drunk relative"

More about a black-robed bully's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad weekend, from the Oregonian:

Colleagues detail 'bad weekend' with judge - conduct, offensive remarks at a conference are among the reasons the state censured Clark County's John P. Wulle

Clark County Judge John P. Wulle was frustrated with the discussion. It's time for the group to move to the next topic, he announced... "No, Judge," Keith Pereira told Wulle. The group needed to work through this topic... That was it. The judge erupted with an expletive directed at Pereira, threw down his pen and walked out the door - leaving behind his stunned, embarrassed and frightened colleagues.

The incident was one in a series of questionable behaviors involving the judge during the five-day conference, including remarks about African Americans, gays and Jews that witnesses reported as demeaning or, at least, inappropriate... But his outburst at Pereira especially shook participants. It frightened at least one member - Cookie Quirk... "I've never seen a man throw stuff, use the F-word, and just act like a kid," Quirk said. "I didn't know what he was going to do next..."


Anonymous said...

Keith Pereira was not a respectful person in the courthouse. He left his job before he could be fired.

Anonymous said...

The first comment here: not a truer word has been written. And the courthouse is not the only place he is not a respectful person (nor respectED for that matter.) Congrads.

Anonymous said...

Keith probably deserved it. He was recently fired from the position of District Court Administrator in Green Bay, Wisonsin...allegedly for misconduct.