December 02, 2008

"No offense..."

By David J. Barend, from Exhibit A Boston:

What It’s Like Defending ‘The Guilty’: Thoughts From a Criminal Defense Attorney

“I just don’t see how you can represent these people. I mean, what if someone killed one of your relatives? How would you feel about that?”

“That depends. Are you throwing in-laws into the mix?”


Brad said...

Great story. Wish more people understood that everyone deserves the best defense possible.

Rolandovich said...

It's true. There's such a misconception among people that where there's smoke there's fire. It's easy to blame someone who has been accused, but a country ruled by laws has to be better than that.

You can't go an hour without someone talking about Jesus or the Founding Fathers, but who talks about preventing the discretionary abuse of power?

For one, our public defenders. Because they take this responsibility, they are tagged far too often with being not only incompetent, but immoral.

Thanks for the post, Skelly.