December 02, 2008

WA: "it's going to be more expensive in the long run"

From the Olympian:

County workers fight for jobs - Speakers say cuts will be detrimental

Six speakers told Thurston County commissioners Monday that proposed job cuts to balance next year's budget carry serious ramifications. The commissioners are considering a proposal to lay off more than 7 percent of the county workforce — nearly 90 full-time-equivalent employees — because of rising costs and lagging revenue.

Under the budget proposal, the Office of Assigned Counsel — also known as public defenders — will lose eight employees and no longer represent indigent clients in Thurston County District Court. They will continue to represent clients charged in Superior Court. Alex Frix, a lawyer in the office, said the county would rely on private attorneys to take over the caseload. The shift could result in lawsuits over inadequate legal counsel, he said...

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Anonymous said...

I Believe the law system in Thurston county is flawed and needs to be investigated. How can you justify doing anything that is against the law if you are supposed to be supporting the law. People who dont have money should be represented in the same manner as all other people. This is AMERICA, RIGHT???