December 04, 2008

UT & VT: "for great justice!"

Vermont v. Brillon news, from Provo's answer to Pravda:

Speedy Trial Law may Bring Greater Justice

Anxious to fulfill its duty to protect the people of Utah, the Attorney General's Office is asking the Supreme Court to fix a speedy trial rule that could allow criminals to avoid prosecution...

The error with the Vermont ruling, according to Assistant Attorney General Ryan Tenney, was that it could allow public defenders to delay trials and block the judicial process. “[This ruling would make the government] lose its ability to prosecute a criminal, based on the ‘unwillingness’ of a public defender to move the case forward,” Tenney said...

I hope that the BYU NewsNet Zoobie who cut and pasted this news release lands that internship with the AG's office, I really do.