August 14, 2004

And here we have Idaho

You're Idaho!
You're a real meat-n-potatoes kind of person, or more accurately, a potatoes-n-potatoes type. There's little else that captures your attention from sunup to sundown than farming, eating, or simply admiring the splendor of the tater. Sure, you stop to see the butterflies once in a while, or to look at rocks, but mostly you just wish they were potatoes too. Secretly, you hold a stash of potatoes in the cellar for the time when the government comes to round them up and take them for their nefarious purposes. You will stop them!

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Ken Lammers said...

I came up as the Bikini Atoll

EuroYank said...

I love them taters. They go good with hamshanks, wienerschnitzel, sauerkraut, frankfurters and hot dogs and eggs. We aint got none of dem Idaho taters, but I missem.

I always have a secret stash of taters to throw at them fascist state prosecutors, and then they throw the book at me.

So taters are better for eating boiled or panfried with onions and the aforementioned arbitrary and capricious contents.