August 19, 2004

Yellow Dog Democrats and Crime-Fighting Cats

Warmest thanks are due Crime and Federalism and Crim Law for showing me how to pass for a conservative at the next Federalist Society Dog Show and Kennel Club. Maybe FedSoc isn't doubleplusungood after all; they do have good taste in canine companions.
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This is Annie, though it might be better to pronounce her name "Ayn" if we ever get to meet Ted Olson's Australian shepherds. She might not be accepted at many elite functions because she doesn't come from the finest breeding, but her mix of Blue Heeler and German Shepherd qualities means that not only can she herd calves, but she can also get their drivers' license, registration, and proof of insurance. She came from the pound, pre-named Antenna, just as our springer spaniel was pre-named Trevor. The cats I named, after notable judges: Bubba (the fat cat) and Hugo (the Black cat).

Now, can I get partial credit for having a classmate who named his first-born Antonin?

Thanks are also due to Fed84 and CrimLaw for exposing me to this article, although I suspect it made more sense in the original French. Now, I'm always receptive to any political argument that promises to make the U.S. more like Finland, and I'm looking forward to a future of "decarceration" (maybe not as hopefully as my next-door-neighbor who got busted with all the fixin's for a big batch o' meth, but still...).

However, where is the New York Times article that gives the other side? Who's writing about all the good that prisons do? Such as, well... you know... um... give me a minute. Well, what about this: how will "decarceration" affect our dogs and cats? Without prisons, what will become of Puppies Behind Bars? Or Puppies Up For Parole? Will they go the way of the Lorton 500? What do you say, Mr. Egghead? And you, Dahlia Lithwick, if you're so smart, what about the kittens?

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Mike said...

What a cutie! Thanks for posting Annie's pictures.