August 12, 2004

Inspiration from PD Dude: "Why Criminal Law is So Much Better than Civil Law"

This marks the first week of work at capital city's P.D. office for my colleague Kim Possible. I recruited her out of the Legal Aid Clinic of our fine state law school, where she'd been going around the dorms explaining the Fourth Amendment. A couple of months ago, she left my shop and accepted an offer at a capital city Big Law firm, Hell Verily. To her credit, she realized where her heart truly was, and bailed in less than a month. Good for her, and good for all the accused.

In her honor, and to prevent any other young PD's from making a similar mistake, here's a link to a classic from "Public Defender Dude" (before it turned into a politics blog): "Why Criminal Law is so much better than Civil Law."