September 16, 2004


Public Defender Dude links to a new blog, "Catastrophic Victory."


Ken Lammers said...

Hmmm . . . I like the Public Defender Dude blog but that's a little strange. Is it certain that he didn't pass on PDD to someone else?

Skelly said...
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Skelly said...

It's not certain, but it appears that the same individual is writing both "Public Defender Dude" and "Catastrophic Victory." The post on PDD promoting the new blog seems like a peculiar bit of self-blogrolling. Is it not a little bit deceptive, netiquette-wise, for the Dude to adopt the pose that "there's this attorney in LA named Greg Apt" and refer to him and praise his writings in the third person? The blogrolls on PDD and the new blog also look pretty similar too.

While it's not certain that PDD hasn't been passed at some point to a blogger other than Greg Apt - anything's possible - there's nothing to suggest that such a transfer has ever taken place. I don't get any sense from the PDD archives that there's ever been a change in author on the site. Here is a link to Public Defender Dude's post on his inclusion in the book of best blogs, presumably written by Greg Apt:

Of course I'll take it back it if I'm wrong, but the available evidence suggests that I'm right about this.
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Skelly said...

The original post on Public Defender Dude which started this has been deleted.