September 05, 2004

Happy Labor Day!

Back from Washington State, and a visit with some colleagues there. Time now to take my kid to the Labor Day picnic in Boise. Being a man of heft and size, at one picnic one year I was designated Teamster-for-a-day, when they needed an anchor in the tug-of-war contest with the Pipefitters. I should be so honored these days.

I belonged to SEIU once. Officially now, I'm management. Nevertheless, this is a fine day to salute the labor movement, particularly its sometimes turbulent confluence with the public defender movement:

- in a sign that things can only be looking up for the surviving members of the Yellowstone County (Montana) PD's Office, the attorneys there have voted to re-join the Teamsters.

- public defenders in various parts of the country are represented by AFSCME (local 3315), SEIU (locals 925 and 535, unit 31) and the previously mentioned Teamsters (local 320).

- on the flipside, unorganized PD's can thank right-to-work for providing them with virtually guaranteed employment.

Enjoying Labor Day? No sweat!