September 22, 2004

Meth: hell on kids and cowboys

This latest article on methamphetamine is from Minnesota, but it could just as well be from any rural town in Iowa, Indiana, or Idaho. Or my own neighborhood.

"(R)ural counties, where incomes are lower and meth is easier to make without being noticed, have seen sharp increases in cases where children need protective services because their parents are addicted or are cooking the drug at home to sell."

"Meth was a factor in 31 percent to 81 percent of child-protection cases reported in a recent survey of counties." My own meth parents CP caseload runs far closer to 81% than to 31%.

(Here's an old-but-good link to a photo-essay from a few years back, depicting meth's hold on a young mom in North Idaho, part of a top-notch series on methamphetamine from the Spokane Spokesman-Review.)

(Of course, here in southern Idaho, meth is hell on vaqueros and horses.)