September 21, 2004


You know, not all public defenders wear rumpled suits.

Occasionally some of us wear jail orange.

Update: Blonde Justice on the dangers of letting your orange suit drop.


Blonde Justice said...

And, further, I note that my suit is never rumpled!

The Contractor said...

Came across via cross reference on Bosnia. No doubt you were there as part of the ICTY. I was with the ICTY initially and later when they came back through Brcko. No one ever mentions Malatic or Radovan Karadiz these days..two indicted by Hague for genocide.

We almost got Arkan in Feb of 1996-missed him by minutes otherwise he would of been dead a few years earlier. Just back from Afghanistan..challenging operating environment...BiH was a "piece of cake" compared to Afghanistan.
As General Zinni, the former commander of CENTCOM and now out of uniform and the quasi-political light..."we should of contained Saddam and focused all our attention on Afghanistan and Palistan border areas"..we would have not doubt caught UBL and his people.

Good luck in the rural areas with the problem of meth..why do people do such is so short.


Skelly said...

Not ICTY, but ABA-CEELI, sort of with OHR, sort of not, but "some of my best friends were ICTY..."

Had two opportunities to buy Karadzic or Mladic -decorated calendars, china plates, and rakija flasks, in Belgrade at the train station, where they were legal, and by and on the pedestrian bridge over the Brka river in Brcko, where the Supervisor had declared they most certainly were not.

It's a shame that the eastern half of the RS is so pretty, as it hides quite a heart of darkness.