August 10, 2005

No myth

I'm afraid it might have been better for us and our meth clients when methamphetamine was flying under the national radar.

Now that the stuff is encroaching on the better surburbs of New York and Chicago, for whatever reason or agenda, pundits and opinion-shapers have become vocal and vigorous epidemic deniers.

This dreary and predictable seen-it-all response on the part of Jack Shafer and other is the unfortunate fall-out when, after years of crying "wolf," there really is a wolf.

There is a meth problem, and people's health and families are suffering from it. But who are you going to believe: Slate, or your own lyin' eyes?

As far as the "myth" of "meth mouth," who should you trust? Pundits or dentists?

Bonus link: say it with me - Meth is Bad.