January 26, 2007

ID: 12-year-old attacker, teen samaritans

From the county where I went to college, horrible news and a glint of humanity. From the Statesman:

Boy arrested in attack on 5-year-old Nampa girl - High school students praised as heroes for holding suspect until officers arrive

A 5-year-old Nampa girl was assaulted and found in an alley Wednesday, and a 12-year-old boy has been charged with aggravated battery in connection with her injuries... Two high school students were lauded as heroes when they held the boy for police and stayed with the little girl until paramedics arrived...

Heroes say they'll straighten out now - Two Nampa High students say they've changed after helping badly beaten child

Cody Lovell and Chad Johnson... are being lauded as heroes for calling police and detaining the 12-year-old boy. At school, fellow students congratulated Johnson and Lovell and called them heroes. Both rejected that label. "I just did what any normal person would do," Johnson said... Johnson's father, Jay Johnson, said it was fate that his son found the girl at a time when he needed to turn his life around. "I think he sees the value of life a little bit more," he said. "He's had his problems, but he's always been a good kid."